Universal Studios Orlando


He's back . . . and appearing daily at Universal Studios in Terminator 2: 3D Battle Across Time


How quickly the clock of state-of-the-art attractions moves.  Just a couple years ago, this show was considered the ultimate multimedia, immersing theme park creation -- only to have its title usurped in 1999 by the stunning Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal's Islands of Adventure park in Orlando.

Yet T2:3D has no reason to hang its endoskeletal head in shame: the show still packs a sensory wallop, the 3D and CGI film effects retain their impact and effectiveness, and the complex, smart story line continues to involve and enthrall audiences.  These are the marks of a quality and classic attraction, and T2:3D delivers them right into your lap!

The show's strength begins with its basic concept, in that the attraction was designed as a mini-sequel to Cameron's feature film,"Terminator 2: Judgment Day", and not merely a spin-off of the movie which borrows its action sequences and plot for live performance.  As James Cameron stated about the attraction:

We've created new machines, new adversaries, new problems for the Terminator to face . . . So you're going to see a step in the evolution of the story and the characters in 'T2: Battle Across Time' which may be finished in the third film.

Granted, that may not exactly come to pass, especially if Cameron doesn't sign on to write/direct a Terminator 3 project, but the idea and intent serve Universal's attraction well, as do they pay tribute to the story depth of his own films.

Let's explore the concept Cameron and his cohorts created for this show to see what -- and who -- make it a unique entertainment experience in theme park history.


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