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Updated July 2004

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Here's looking at you, kid!

These are hallowed haunting grounds where the living may pay their respects at the various crypts and graves of those who dwell in the web's spiritual plane.

This dark, foreboding vault will also host any haunted happenings at etixland, so keep an eye peeled (if you hunger for a snack) and watch this space.

Knock gently on the epitaphs below to enter the grave site of your choice.

Rick West and his devotedly dead friends cover Knott's Scary Farm HALLOWEEN HAUNT like no other site on the net. Check out his new 2004 Haunt coverage as the veil of fog lifts once again on the Halloween season.

And while the link stays active, pour through Rick's massive 2003 Haunt archives!

Enter The Fright Gallery

The Fright Gallery has haunted Southern California for 23 years! Click on the poster to view our 2003 haunt attraction in Burbank.

Season's screamings
etixland's tour of Disneyland's hit holiday attraction, featuring animation, script narration, tons of photos and a multimedia section.


    to     Grim grinning ghost

Chef Mayhem's superlative tribute to Disney's classic attraction, The Haunted Mansion. Packed with 999 fun-erial remains of trivia, media and more, will bury you in details about everyone's favorite ghostly manor.

Cydney's 55,000 square-feet of fear in Salt Lake City, Utah was voted the Best Overall Haunted Attraction in the country by HauntWorld, and they aren't lying. I visited this immense haunt and Rocky Point is the most impressive show of its kind I've ever seen, with the most dead-icated cast unearthed! The only thing scarier than seeing the show is missing out on it – run, don't walk.

Kevin Boles' excellent and artistic tribute to the spooky, high falling Disney-MGM attraction in Orlando. Plenty of photos, trivia, facts and figures about the ride, plus Cast Member interviews for insider perspectives. By all means . . . drop in on his popular site.

AGHAST FROM THE PAST! etixland's mini-tribute to cheap Halloween costumes from the 60s and 70s has risen from the graveyard of time to scare up a few laughs.  It's a small section for now, but worth a seasonal chuckle.

to HauntWorld

Larry Kirchner's horrifyingly good website containing everything a body would want to know about haunted happenings throughout the industry and the world.


to Haunted Attraction

Leonard Pickel's industry magazine publishes valuable info for haunters, and from there you can access his Haunted America website which covers the vast netherworld of Halloween and haunt amusement.

to Boneyard Productions

Veteran haunter John Denley's site and company offering crypt-loads of info on haunted attractions. He's both a consultant and successful haunt owner in Salem, Massachusetts -- I've been to three of his haunts and enjoyed them all.  If that weren't enough on his plate, he also publishes Fright Times magazine to inform and promote the haunt industry.

[One thing I couldn't find on his site was a banner, so I made one myself -- sorry, John!]

to Hallowed Haunted Grounds

An excellent, moody yard display haunt that's been moaning and groaning in the San Fernando Valley for thirty years -- well worth the visit!

to Knott's Scary Farm

Knott's Scary Farm has been a Southern California tradition for 30 years. Experience live shows, monsters, mazes, ghouls on sparking knee pads and ghosts shaking noisy cans in your face.

I hurt!

Yep, that darling little ghoul who's good with a trowel is all grown up and hosts a haunting website of her own.  Stumble down the stairs to the basement and tell Kyra I said "Hi!"

She has a bloody good selection of cool collectibles, photos and info on her experience filming the classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, plus much more.


For more Disney Haunted Mansion fun, check out Better Haunts for a unique look at this chilling classic.




If you're looking for a truly haunted experience in the Los Angeles area, visit the website of the International Society for Paranormal Research.  These professional paranormal investigators have traveled the globe in search of ghostly phenomenon, and their Hollywood base of operations also happens to be haunted -- so they offer Ghost Expeditions in their own theater-turned-headquarters.

Investigate further at their website, if you have the courage to face the unknown.

Don't venture too far out into the gloomy darkness, new and thrilling information awaits to be unearthed and will materialize soon.  

They're coming to get you, Barbara . . . look, there comes one of them now!


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