Happy Holidays, foolish mortals!

Leaving behind this carnivorous wreath, guests enter the mystical seance chamber of Madame Leota, a spirit medium with a good head for materializing the disembodied. But as our Ghost Host indicates in a perplexingly bad example of grammar (if my ears heard correctly):

Jack's holiday vision was unlike no other
So ring out the bells, there's more cheer to uncover
A new deal for Madame Leota

Yipes, his "vision was UNlike no other"?? Isn't that a double negative, implying that indeed is vision is like EVERY other? Certainly what our GH meant to say was that Jack's vision was LIKE no other, or unlike ALL others! A Halloween fright, indeed. Oh well, our next treat awaits.

For this holiday season, Leota has conjured up a fortune telling session for her visitors -- large Tarot-like cards float about the seance chamber, and indeed the Vampire toy stands atop the chair in the Raven's stead, ringing two small handbells in time with Leota's incantations:

On the Thirteenth day of Christmas, my ghoul love gave to me
Thirteen rings of power, embracing strength that never ends
Twelve signs of the zodiac, that rule the future and transcend
Eleven candles floating, their scent of mystery in the air
Ten telling tea leaves, that swirl with secrets yet to share.
On the Ninth day of Christmas, my ghoul love gave to me
Nine magic crystals, that sparkle with a force that is pure
Eight balls of knowledge, that answer with a truth that is sure
Seven pearls of wisdom, to keep my love bewitched to me
Six mystic mirrors, reflecting futures yet to be.
On the fifth day of Christmas, my ghoul love gave to me
Five lucky charms, to understand the right from wrong
Four queens of fortune, to spin their rich and golden song
Three lifelines extending help to those in need
Two passion potions that love and romance may succeed.
And on the First day of Christmas, my ghoul love gave to me
A star, a brilliant star for my fortune card tree.
This one's a keeper!

As you can see, I was lucky enough to get great images of the new Madame Leota -- the clarity, detail and expression of her face is now incredibly rich and realistic, quite unlike the 'middle generation' Leota that was introduced during a past Mansion rehab, which was very dull and fuzzy. This is the best Leota presentation since the original -- and best yet, this new Leota's voice is provided by Leota Toombs' daughter (and Imagineer), Kim Irvine, who does an admirable job here. Another home run for WDI in matching the quality of another original-yet-irreplaceable elements and talents in this show!

Incredibly lifelike for a disembodied head
Leota's facial features are very well aligned to the head contours, especially her sharply defined mouth which looks realistic while speaking from all angles. The image brightness and contrast are both excellent, and hold up under my camera's close scrutiny and at a distance. Mansion fans like myself can only hope that WDI recorded this new performance in Leota's classic speech so we can keep this face after the HMH closes after the holidays -- if they could sync it to the original voice performance, that would be ideal, otherwise I'm sure Kim Irvine's rendition would hold up well as a new generation Leota.
Two Passion Potions
I had a tougher time capturing the floating fortune card images, due to the fact that they're slowly spinning in a very dark room, but here's Sally's card designating Two Passion Potions. Other cards feature the Halloween Town regulars, including perhaps the one appearance by Oogie Boogie -- I didn't spy him anywhere else in the ride, but if you did email me and I'll add it to the review!

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