Happy Holidays, foolish mortals!

Peering down the endless hallway, which is now framed with ribbons and garland of bones, guests see not a floating candlestick but Zero, Jack's ghostly pet, cheerfully barking and soaring up the hall toward his holiday treat -- a bounty of skeleton bones tied with a bow:

More rapid than vultures, the Mansion was changed
All was soon covered, adorned and deranged
And what to your wondering eyes disappears?
It's Jack's little friend, Zero, the ghost dog reindeer
Zero hovers down the endless hallway

Zero spots a present with his name on it

Opposite of Zero and his treats, the somber funereal wreath in the conservatory has come alive, budding with singing flowers contributing their fanged Fa La La's to the mix of haunted and holiday tunes playing through the halls.

Relatives of Audrey II ??

Once again, the Vampire toy stands in for the Raven atop the conservatory casket:

Nothing here was forgotten, it all looks so pleasant
A coffin, Jack says, makes a fine Christmas present!
Don't open 'til Christmas?

Glide further down the hallway of rattling doors and moaning spirits to find the granddaddy of floral arrangements:

A man-eating plant makes a wonderful wreath
As long as you don't get caught in its teeth!

Tendril vine arms from this wreath reach down the hallway, and one ensnares the hanging lamp, swinging it to and fro overhead in time with the singing flowers holiday chorus.

That ain't mistletoe!

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