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LATE EDITION UPDATE - September 9, 2002

Generous contributor and adventurer, Darren Lai, sent two photos of Samantha's and Hathaway's new outfits to share with our WACN audience. Check out their latest sartorial splendors in our 2002 photo album – or better yet, visit the Adventurers Club in person and see them with your own peepers! Thanks and Kungaloosh to Darren!

NEWS FLASH - August 26, 2002


Professor Otis T. Wren recently supplemented his sartorial style, adding fishing lures to his fez in his ongoing quest to catch the big one, and sporting a new blue striped vest under his usual cream colored suit. Rumors in the tailoring world say the vest's design is reminiscent of a fish as well, though what species has yet to be determined . . . the double-pocket tweed mouth bass, perhaps?

This reporter learned that Samantha debuted her new outfit this past weekend, and our songbird of the savannas looks more alluring and adventuresome than ever! As we await more details, for now I can add that Sammy's accessorized her ensemble with a few feather-tipped hunting darts, so you gentlemen callers beware: our favorite Adventuress can defend herself against man OR beast – and especially both at once!

In a related story, Pleasure Island continues its promotional premium, wherein one lucky guest per day is chosen as Guest of the Night. The lucky winner appears on stage for the New Year's Eve celebration and gets to push the plunger to detonate the evening's fireworks and stage effects. Each Guest of the Night also wins a limited edition t-shirt bearing a special GotN design which cannot be purchased anywhere else – in fact, only 365 of the shirts were printed!

How does one achieve this lofty honor, you ask? The PI party patrol goes out in force each night looking for the special person to celebrate. So if you want to be picked, simply go about your business having loads of fun and laughs at Pleasure Island and perhaps they'll select you (as long as you're not eight Kungalooshes to the wind). Reports indicate that a few weeks back, two AC regulars – identified only as Bob and Virginia – were chosen as Guests of the Night (presumably on separate nights). They had a great time, relating to their cheering subjects that they had been to AC at least 400 times! The number of Nash's cocktails that translates to staggers the mind of this reporter, but a hearty Adventurers salute to B and V on their nominations.

UPDATE - July 26, 2002


The latest report from fellow adventurer Kat: Hathaway debuted his new fashion ensemble last Wednesday. He wore a vintage-style aviator jacket, blue dress shirt, puce green tie, a white/gold (or puce green) vest, jodhpurs, and his usual – perhaps lucky – boots.

This reporter can only speculate that, given Hathaway's active performances in the balmy Orlando climate, his new style may look dahshing, but that bulky jacket may prompt lots of washing! We'll leave it to Hathaway to sweat the details . . . Kungaloosh, HB!

WACN hopes to provide a photo of Hathaway's new threads soon, so stay tuned to WACN!

UPDATE - May 31, 2002


ITEM: After last week's news flash about the next AC souvenir tankard, another in-the-field reporter at the Club isn't entirely sure that the Colonel will inspire the next collectible cup, but it seems certain our gleemeister is definitely in line to appear on a mug one way or the other! Stay tuned for updates as this story develops.

ITEM: Recently "Yvette" the Club Maid swapped her feather duster for leather boots and made her debut as our daredevil darling, Samantha Sterling. Her opening appearance met with a great response from the club membership. Congrats on your opening night and knock 'em dead in the future!

ITEM: Members note recent and renewed sightings of that supernatural swami, Madame Zarkov. Reports indicate that our salacious spiritualist should materialize in the Club more often now, and to our adventurous medium, we say well done!

ITEM: Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Adventurers might be in for a real scare this October – will the Club's annual Halloween show get a total makeover, or just get the heave ho altogether? WACN and this reporter hear that one frighteningly oversensitive partypooper complained to Mouse management that the AC's Halloween show dabbled too much into the supernatural and included possession, which they said isn't very "Disney" of the Club. Apparently this lone squeaking wheel prompted shrieks of overreaction from the more timid, suit-swathed souls "upstairs" and rumor has it that a new script for the Halloween extravaganza has been ordered!

Balderdash, says this reporter! Heaven help this poor complaining sap should they ever stumble into the Haunted Mansion, where our hauntingly happy 999 spooks and spirits roam about freely, celebrating the supernatural daily (and nightly). If this malcontent found the mild AC Halloween show too scary, he or she certainly wasn't availing themselves of Nash's services at the bar – one good Kungaloosh would have shown that sourpuss how much fun spirits can be!

This reporter urges all AC fans within the sound of my voice to show (and send) your support to our Adventurers Club Officers and ensure that the Halloween hilarity will continue unabated this year and in the future! If one letter of complaint can scare the socks off of management, then ten letters of praise ought to have their hair standing on end. Check our AC main page for the email address to contribute your two cents, and I thank you!

Until next time, this is your on-the-go correspondent, Wilfred T. Caltenbourne, wishing you good news and great adventures!

NEWS FLASH - May 24, 2002


Adventurer Kat reports from the Club that the next edition of the collectible cups will be none other than Colonel Critchlow Suchbench himself! No word yet on when his mug will appear on a mug, but this news means that the Yakoose's days are numbered (to some extent). While many Adventurers found the Yakoose's design a tad impractical for a drink and unappealing to the eye, the hybrid hang-about still sold well at the bar – cheers to Nash and the fabulous AC beverage beauties. Thanks for the long-distance report, Kat! And be sure to read her latest escapades in her own exotic periodical, the Adventurer Monthly.

WACN will try to get further details on this story and others soon. Sorry for the absence of news lately, but other adventures and world events have kept this reporter on his toes and off the WACN airwaves lately. I'll endeavor to resume my normal broadcasting schedule with new news, or my name isn't Wilfred T. Caltenbourne! Until next we meet here, same time same channel, kungaloosh Adventurers!

DATELINE - PLEASURE ISLAND - February 23, 2002


Another reporter in the field filed this report with WACN -- the new show schedule as of February 11th is:

  • 8:15  New Member Induction (in the Salon)
  • 8:45  Radio show -Tales of the Adventures Club
  • 9:35  Balderdash Cup
  • 10:20  Radiation
  • 10:55  Samantha's Cabaret
  • 12:10  Maid Sing-a-Long (only certain nights)
  • 12:40  HOOPLA! (if no Maid sing-a-long, the Hoopla begins at 12:20 am)

Also, Samantha Sterling and Hathaway Browne pair up to host some NMI ceremonies, and our reporter said of this duo, "Wow do sparks fly!" Pamelia Perkins and Emil Bleehall also host some New Member Inductions together. No word on how or if the new schedule affects the Mask and Treasure Room shows, but we'll keep investigating the story. Stay tuned, Adventurers!

UPDATE - February 15, 2002


Adventurers with an eye for fashion should take a peek at our first photos of Emil's new scout uniform, located on the new AC 2002 Update page. Kungaloosh to Kat for the pictures!

HOT OFF THE WIRE - February 14, 2002


Our reporter in the field, Kat, sent (via carrier pigeon) this photo of the new Yakoose tumbler, currently on sale at the Adventurers Club.

The series of collectible cups continues with this rather humorous hybrid -- the detailing is good, and the moveable horns are interesting, but this reporter has to tell it like it is, folks . . .

That is one ugly mug!

Still, the item seems to be selling well -- perhaps Nash is pouring the drinks a bit stronger so the Yakoose looks gorgeous by the end of the evening? Add a bit of whimsy to your cocktail collection and pick up one while supplies last.

UPDATE - January 26, 2002


Wire reports from the scene indicate that Yakoose cup sales are brisk -- this hybrid hooch holder is a hot commodity! Depsite the Yakoose's funky features, apparently it looks much better in person than in those eBay photos you've seen. Of course, this reporter can vouch that many things look better after a couple Kungalooshes down the hatch! A new feature for this monkeyless mug: the Yakoose horns are moveable . . . who knows, you might even get better radio reception with a Yakoose in your home? WACN scouts have gone on safari to the Club this week, returning with photos soon, so don't touch that dial, Adventurers!

NEWS FLASH - January 20, 2002


This just in from the AC: guests report that the new Yakoose head cups are now available at the bar! The Yakoose 'mug' fills in as the sequel to the wildly popular Monkey Head cups, but it's too early to tell if the Yakoose will be as successful -- only time and drink orders will tell. As before, this specialty cup is only available when purchasing specialty drinks (i.e. a Kungaloosh, Banana Bomber, etc.), and refills are sold at a discounted price.

WACN hopes to have pictures of this new cup within a week or so, stay tuned!

UPDATE - PLEASURE ISLAND - January 15, 2002


On January 8th, Adventurers were tickled pink by not one but TWO Club Maids as Disney introduced Twofer Tuesdays at the AC. This new promotional event continues this Tuesday night, the 15th.

According to reporters on the scene for last week's debut, the only people who had more fun than the guests and Club members were the talented Officers themselves, who had "a blast." Since our trusty butler, Graves, had the night off, our delicious duo of darling dusters dueled over which half of the salon to clean (translation: the side of the room with the most men). These frilly-skirted fillies also lent their talents to the Radiothon show, and with Dottie womaning the phones, Harry and Seymour Wong's duck sauce flowed like wine!

Field reports also indicate that a special drink promotion ties into the Twofer theme -- $2 draft beers double up the fun. Twofer Tuesday resumes tonight, so stop by the Club yourselves, Adventurers, and send your own report to WACN with the skinny on this popular event!


This reporter hears that, while attendance has wavered in some PI clubs, Adventurers continue to band together at the AC to prove their devotion. We at WACN salute you for your loyalty and efforts! Keep dropping by to raise a glass and help induct new members, my stouthearted derring-doers, and enjoy the holidays with Samantha, Hathaway, the Colonel and the rest.

And wouldn't it be novel to celebrate New Year's Eve at Pleasure Island when it actually IS New Year's Eve? What a concept, says this reporter! A visit to the Adventurers Club is the perfect way to kiss off the previous year and ring in a new one with friends (and frilly-skirted maids) at your side. We'll see you there, and until my next update, Kungaloosh!

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This concludes our report for now, but WACN remains on the air twenty-four hours a day as Adventurous news develops, so please stay tuned. Until next time, this is Wilfred T. Caltenbourne, your on-the-spot reporter signing off, wishing you a good day and good news.  Kungaloosh, Adventurers!

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